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How to Add Needless Complexity to Your Life

I used Apple Mail forever until recently, when my Exchange account starting causing it to blow itself up. Instead of installing Thunderbird and moving on with my life, I decided it was a good idea to start being a Serious Email User, and so I installed the Serious Email Client mutt. But since this is a piece of Serious Software, there wasn’t any easy-to-find, good documentation focused on actually sending and receiving email as opposed to Installing and Configuring mutt. (Even the hard-to-find ones didn’t go in-depth enough, and weren’t written for OS X.) So this my attempt to get everything necessary—and nothing more—written down in one place.

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The Library Genesis API

Library Genesis has an API, but the only documentation is a forum thread in Russian. So this is an English-language guide to using the LibGen API.

(I don’t know Russian, and had to read the original thread using Google Translate, so corrections and additions are very welcome!)

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Cultural Appropriation at Lucidity

UPDATE (1 August 2013): Jonah Haas has published a reply on the Lucidity blog

Santa Barbara-based Lucidity Festival has a problem with cultural appropriation. Unfortunately, the organizers don’t seem to have a firm grasp on what ‘cultural appropriation’ means, and so they don’t see what the big deal is or why they should make changes to their festival.