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Homebrew is an OS X package manager primarily focused on installing command-line tools, but you can import external collections of package formulae called “taps”. I forked Eric Davis’ tap of Emacs packages and expanded it, and I now use it instead of package.el and MELPA. It still doesn’t have as many packages as MELPA does, but you can help fix that!

Twitter bots

I’ve made enough Twitter bots now that I guess it’s something I can link to here. Follow them, or don’t, or follow just the good ones? (Are there any good ones?)

Modern Philosophy in plain text

Modern Philosophy is a free textbook created by Walter Ott. It combines public-domain primary sources with supplementary material and study questions. Everything not in the public domain is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0.

This modified version of the text is written in Markdown. Markdown is a plain-text syntax that allows for easy conversion to other file formats. Using pandoc, Modern Philosophy can be easily converted to HTML, PDF, EPUB, and many other formats.

This version of Modern Philosophy is kept in a public repository on GitHub.