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This is an Ansible playbook for provisioning a CentOS server with an SSL-enabled WordPress installation. The original motivation was to be able to quickly set up websites for friends and associates in the spirit of Brianna Laugher’s “Playing Sysadmin for my Activist Mates”. Feedback, testing, and pull requests are all very welcome.


If you use Emacs, you’re a big ’ol nerd. But you can still pretend to be cool by using emoji like the teens and moms do. All it takes is company-mode and company-emoji.el. Install them both (using MELPA or Homebrew or manually), then add something like this to your emacs.el:

(require 'company-emoji)
(add-to-list 'company-backends 'company-emoji)

Then B💥💥M.


libgen is a Node.js wrapper for the Library Genesis API, with search added on top of it. Install it in the root folder of your project with npm install libgen, then require it where it’s needed:

var libgen = require('libgen');

Your application then has access to search, random texts, and other methods.


If you’re a scumbag analytic philosopher like me then this might actually come in handy, like when your “friend” suggests that chairs are ontologically innocent.


Reading.js is a crummy bit of CSS and JavaScript that’s supposed to make it easier to read long documents online. (Like this one!)

Include two lines in the <head> of a plain HTML file—the kind produced by pandoc or by most Markdown-to-HTML converters—and gain nifty features like keyboard shortcuts, section folding, and color scheme switching:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Fountain CLM

Codeless Language Modules (CLMs) are plugins for TextWrangler and BBEdit that add syntax highlighting, code folding, and other capabilities for languages not natively supported by these programs.

Fountain is a plain-text syntax for writing screenplays. (The Fountain syntax is similar to that of Markdown, a general-purpose syntax.) Fountain files are designed to be very readable, but they can be easily converted to other formats (like PDF and FDX) using Fountain-compatible applications.